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The White 程邸






Considering of simplicity of the inhabitant, we make the space entirely mixed and 

When living in this house, no limits between living room, dining room, and studio. People can really enjoy the whole space with their family.


The main space color is white, and we still use a lot of low temperature color to ble

nd into the white. Making ''white'' full of density, and making people feel relax and comfortable in this space. 


Amd we make the dark, long corridor become to be another ''space''  that fulfill the concept with the complicity of open space.


Grey Harmony 實品屋



在此案中, 我們利用灰色做出一個顯著的亮點。


搭配大量的自然元素的應用, 刻意用大理石自然的凹刻皮紋與實木皮紋的搭配,

讓材料之間對話, 帶出空間的深度與人文氣息的感受。


We care about the space how to be fully opened by people's activities. And compond all

grey color to stands out of this space.


Lots of using woods and marbles to make the space become more nice and warm. And 

bring nature feature to the house.


We hope the house which is full of "Nature and Human" temperture.



Classic Style 蔡邸






Designer use light shapes and warm color furniture to reveal the "classic style" in the space,and lots of flexible design let people live their own style with their own personality.


More over, the continuous flow of space linking make every space to become unified,us-ing mirror and reading area to define the un-completed spaces. Let storage space full of elegant and classic style in this design.



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